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The best Medicare Advantage plans include coverage such as dental, vision, and hearing, although it must be said, not all plans do. Allow Woodyard Insurance to help you navigate the ins and outs of coverage so that you and your family maintain complete protection where you need it.  In addition, Woodyard Insurance specializes in notary services and annuities. 

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Purchasing insurance can be an overwhelming experience. Convoluted definitions, complex conditions, multiple coverages, various exclusions, and intricate endorsements abound. All too often, these variables cause confusion and frustration. At Woodyard Insurance, we go out of our way to dispel any confusion and uncertainty because we believe our customers deserve better. Insurance should serve people, after all. Senior populations here in Conway, Myrtle Beach, and the surrounding area deserve to have trusted, professional guidance. Woodyard Insurance is passionate about educating seniors on the details, products, and costs of insurance. Whatever your specific needs, Woodyard Insurance will help guide you to coverage with widespread availability and competitive pricing. Since our founding in 2017, we’ve proudly maintained a 5-Star reputation throughout the Conway and Myrtle Beach community. With 15 years of total experience, we specialize in the practice of planning more and worrying less. Trust us—it works! 

Over 10,000 Seniors Retire In America Every Month,
Yet This Group Remains Unserved.

At Woodyard Insurance Group, Our Goal Is To Give Our Clients The Information Needed To Make Better Retirement Decisions. We Strive To Give Everyone The Opportunity To Learn And Better Understand How Properly Planning Your Insurance Portfolio Makes Retirement Less Stressful. We Will Work With Our Clients To Provide Them With The Tools Necessary To Make The Best Decisions About Their Social Security Options, Medicare Benefits, Insurance And Any Kind Of Retirement Planning Needs They May Have. We Also Specialize in Notary Services and Annuities.

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Our Mission Is To Provide Great Service. Our Plan Is To Meet Everyone Where They Are So We Can Help Them Get To Where They Would Like To Be In Their Retirement. Woodyard Insurance Group Has Over 15 Years Of Experience Working In The Insurance Industry, But We Don’t Have All The Answers. To Better Help You, We Have Partnered With Nationally Known Insurance Companies Who Have Been Helping Clients Solve Insurance Issues For Many More Years Than We Can Count. With Expertise Like That On Our Side, We Can Guide You Through Just About Any Situation. So, When It’s All Said And Done…

“Plan More. Worry Less.”


Learn the benefits of dental coverage

If you’ve ever experienced a toothache, you know it’s important to have access to dental care when you need it. Do you want to stay ahead of dental problems?

Dental insurance can help smooth out the costs of preventive care and necessary procedures.

While most policies cap how much they’ll pay out each year, dental coverage is still a good investment for many people. Here are the benefits you can expect from a typical policy… READ MORE

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Marlene Woodyard has been an insurance agent for well over a decade. She began in the insurance industry by focusing on the pre and post-retirement community with a mission to provide information and assistance as they prepare for their retirement healthcare and financial needs. Marlene’s motto is to “Plan more…Worry less.” To help her clients achieve that, Marlene creates a suitable portfolio of life, health, long term care and retirement planning for them. Her purpose is to have a positive impact on the lives of individuals and help provide security for families. Outside of work, Ms. Woodyard enjoys jazz music, visiting art museums, and supporting Meals on Wheels, Habitat for Humanity, St. Jude’s and Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

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