About Marlene


Marlene Woodyard

Hello, I’m Marlene Woodyard, Owner of Woodyard Insurance Group. I have been in the Insurance business for well over a decade. At the beginning of my career, I focused primarily on the Baby Boomer population. My mission was to provide information and assistance that helped to guide this population as they prepared for their Retirement healthcare and financial needs.

My passion is working with people and enriching their lives. I recognize that at different stages of life, it becomes important to review and possibly reconsider our insurance needs. Now I help to address the needs of all age groups. My goal is to be the trusted resource that my clients turn to for all of their options. I provide Education and Information that will guide them to the correct products. My daily objective is to be of good service. I will work hard to earn your business and even harder to keep it. Healthcare and Retirement planning can be complex and since most of this is managed automatically for people during their working years, it’s a confusing transition to manage it themselves when they retire. Seniors, often referred to as “Baby Boomers”, have complex lives and real needs. These are people who have worked hard for decades, raised families, and now need to be secure in their retirement. For that reason, my husband Greg and I started Woodyard Insurance Group. We all know what can happen when you fail to plan. Bad things happen to good people all of the time. Our motto is to “Plan more Worry less”. Creating a suitable portfolio involves Life, Health, Long Term Care and Retirement Planning. These are all areas I focus on with every client. I attended Northern Virginia Community College with a focus in Business Management. I received my Insurance License in 2007. I received my first designation as an Annuity Planning Professional (APP) in 2012, followed by becoming a Long-Term-Care Specialist (CLTC) in 2014, then my Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) designation in 2015. My main goal is to listen, understand, and give guidance. My purpose is to have a positive impact on the lives of individuals and help to provide security for families.

“Because every exchange is always a relationship, to get the most while giving the least is unjust, unethical, anti-social, abusive, perhaps evil.” So, together we build good relationships.